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We’re a local company with years of experience in designing and constructing retaining walls.

It’s rare to find a property that’s perfectly level, but even a bit of a slope can cause significant troubles with water accumulation and drainage. Moisture can quickly become a big problem if it starts to pool near your home or causes damage to your landscaping. Luckily, there is a solution that may benefit your outdoor space. The addition of certain hardscaping elements will make a big difference in preventing moisture accumulation and soil erosion. One example is a retaining wall, which is designed to hold back soil.

Retaining Walls in Statesville, North Carolina

Retaining walls have many applications, but the most common use is to reduce the risk of soil erosion that can happen when too much moisture builds up in a specific area. A well-designed and properly constructed retaining wall is vital in protecting your property, and it’s something our team can construct at Lambert’s Lawn Care and Irrigation. We’re a local company serving the Statesville, North Carolina area, and we have years of experience in designing and constructing retaining walls.

When we build retaining walls, our technicians take the time to assess the property and determine the proper placement and materials. We’ll also consider the climate conditions your wall will be exposed to regularly, using this information to decide what to use to build it. Our goal is to construct a wall that will provide ample protection while enhancing the visual appeal of your outdoor space. If you have questions about retaining walls or any of our other services, contact us to learn more and get started.