Does Your Property Need Lot Clearing Services?

Does Your Property Need Lot Clearing Services?

Lambert's Lawn Care and Irrigation Can Help with All Your Land Clearing

Is your Statesville, Hickory or Clemmons, NC property buried under weeds and underbrush? Call Lambert's Lawn Care and Irrigation today to clear it all. Servicing land up to 5 acres, we can remove trees, underbrush, and stumps. Whether the lot needs to be cleared for safety reasons, land prep for new construction, or just to give a clean look to the property, our team has the experience to get it cleared fast.


Clearing a lot is not as easy as it may seem.

You won't get far with hedge shears! We can clear the vegetation with minimal damage to the lot. This includes removing dying trees, grinding down stumps, or pulling out creeper plants. Additionally, by having the lot professionally cleared, you can feel confident knowing that no shallow roots are left behind to surprise you next season! You'll love the clean slate- ready for development!

Please note: If you require GRADING SERVICES, we can help with that, too.
We charge by the hour with a minimum of 3 hours. Call us for an estimate.