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Lawn Aeration Has Lasting Effects on Your Yard

Schedule Lambert's Lawn Care & Irrigation Aeration Services at Your Statesville, Hickory or Clemmons, NC Area Home

Just like us, grass seed roots require water, nutrients, and air to grow strong. When soil gets packed tightly, it makes it difficult for the grass to get the things it needs to grow. Soil can be compacted by vehicles parked on the lawn, kids playing, pets in the yard, or other equipment- all putting pressure on the soil. Combine this with extreme heat or drought/light rainfall and the yard does not stand a chance. Your grass will begin to dry out, thin and eventually die. Aeration can save your yard and needs to be completed once a year at least.

What is Lawn Aeration?

Lawn aeration creates holes in the soil of your Statesville and Hickory, NC lawn to alleviate the soil pressure. Water, air and nutrients will be able to reach the roots without issue. Lambert's Lawn Care & Irrigation has invested in the latest technology to aerate your soil quickly, evenly and efficiently. We recommend aerating your lawn and then laying Grass Seed in late summer, before the fall.

Want to Test How Compacted Your Soil Is?
Try the Screwdriver Test!

  • Get a standard screwdriver
  • Push the tip into the soil by hand
  • Try this in a few places across the yard
  • Does the tip slide in easily by hand? If you meet resistance, your soil is compacted
  • Call Lambert's Lawn Care & Irrigation to schedule your aeration