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Failing to properly winterize your irrigation system can lead to burst pipes.

When the weather begins to get colder, you aren’t going outside to swim or enjoy other summertime activities. Just like you prepare yourself for the winter by finding new activities to enjoy and taking out jackets from the back of your closet, your outdoor property also needs to prepare for the cold season. Irrigation winterization involves draining your irrigation system and making sure it is good to go for the colder months.

Irrigation Winterization in Statesville, North Carolina

Neglecting to hire irrigation winterization services when winter hits can lead to many different issues, including burst pipes, as the water in your system freezes and expands. These damages can lead to problems for your entire yard, which can be costly and overwhelming to deal with. It’s important to make sure your irrigation system is properly winterized to prevent as many winter-related damages as possible, and you won’t be able to substitute the experience and training that comes with hiring an irrigation expert with online DIY videos or instructions.

At Lambert’s Lawn Care and Irrigation, we are well versed in handling all kinds of irrigation-related needs here in Statesville, North Carolina, including irrigation winterization. We pride ourselves on expert services designed to keep your irrigation system in good working condition for as long as possible. When you work with us, you never have to worry about second-rate services or time wasted on ineffective maintenance, repair, or winterization. To prepare your irrigation system for upcoming winter months, be sure to reach out to our team of qualified irrigation experts.

At Lambert’s Lawn Care and Irrigation, we offer irrigation winterization services in Statesville, Clemmons, Bermuda Run, and Mocksville, North Carolina.