Residential Irrigation, Statesville, NC

The secret to easier yard maintenance is the right residential irrigation system.

Many people hear the word “irrigation” and assume it only refers to farmers managing a large field of crops. However, residential irrigation systems are a great asset for homeowners, too. The grass in your yard or the flowers and other plants in your garden need water to survive, and rather than watering your outdoor property on your own, you can rely on a residential irrigation system to make your life easier.

Residential Irrigation in Statesville, North Carolina

You can spend a lot of time watering your Statesville, North Carolina yard or garden by yourself, but this time could be better spent doing something else that you love when you have a residential irrigation system. A properly working irrigation system will provide your yard or garden with the water that it needs according to a timer that’s set for when you need your grass or plants to get watered. This takes away the worry about forgetting to water your plants or the need to spend time outside maintaining the lush appearance of your yard.

When it comes to installing residential irrigation systems, you won’t find better services than what we provide here at Lambert’s Lawn Care and Irrigation. We have years of experience helping homeowners maintain beautiful yards and gardens with expertly installed irrigation systems. However, we don’t stop at the installation. If your existing system is malfunctioning, we would be happy to take a look at it, diagnose the problem, and get to work repairing it so you can benefit from a properly working system again. If you have questions about installing a residential irrigation system, give us a call today.

At Lambert’s Lawn Care and Irrigation, we offer residential irrigation services in Statesville, Clemmons, Bermuda Run, and Mocksville, North Carolina.